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 Dawley Baptist Church
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Welcome to Dawley 
Baptist Church probably the fastest-growing family church in the Telford area. We hope that all who come through the door will find a warm welcome and the love and peace only Christ can give.

Welcome to all Shropshire Baptists and Friends on November 3rd @ 7pm

Pot of Gold or a Pig in a Poke?

"Too much like hard work!"

"Diverts us from our real job"
"Vital for a growing church"
"Compromises our core Biblical beliefs"
"By Christ's own command"
Yes, it's the "E" word!

Are you suspicious of other traditions with their "less than Biblical" approach to scripture and worship - or do you welcome the opportunity to rejoice in the Gospel with other Christians and engage in mission together? Is ecumenical work never on your "to do" list or something you want to get around to when you've got a spare five minutes?

Now's the time to celebrate and share what you do well together or point out the terrible pitfalls of working outside the well-defended truths of our faith and practice. We hope for a genuine discussion on this controversial subject where all views can be heard and aired safely. 

We'll be joined for the evening by guests representing some of our ecumenical partners working together in South Telford.